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Remember - 

🌟 Once weekly unplug your router to clear the cache on ROUTER . So many people think a reset is enough.. It is not and effects your streaming experience. This requires at least 5 min of being unplugged from the wall!  


🌟 Consider running a speed test checking 'Ping' result NOT just DOWNLOAD SPEED!! Ping in effect is how quick you receive your net anything over 22ms is considered too high and if its over 30 and have already rebooted you possibly have an ISSUE! 


🌟 We do recommend hard wired option for stable internet connection. WIFI will have occasional drop-out that is purely because your device has to catch up. check how many devices you have connected to your router. Lots of devices all pull a share of your net and can effect your streaming experience! 


🌟If you are on wifi changing channel can help with streaming issues too. An app called 'wifi analyser' can help you with your best wifi channel. 


🌟As i always say too, having extra apps on device such as movie apps etc CAN considerably slow down your device! ! you should be careful with them too,


🌟Lastly keep App fresh and updated by regularly refreshing channels and vod and epg. (3 dots top right corner under live TV section. That way you will always have the best experience 


Go ahead and try these things to keep your App running smoothly

🌟If you are using a Mag device, Smart Iptv, Smart STB the above also applies. The complete power down and unplug being particularly important.

🌟For the sports fans and in particularly Football. The above is very important just prior to busy periods ie Saturday afternoons or days o times when major matches are being played. Streams are normally updated by us and hour before the matches go live to ensure you get the best possible experience.




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