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Everything you need to get you online and watching in 10 minutes 


1. If you Have a Mag Box

Just send your mac address via the contact tab. You Mac address should look like this 00:1A:79..........or if you have TVIP 10:27.......... 

2. Smart STB app

This is the only app supported for Smart Televisions. Please see the section on setup your device or visit the smart stb website for further details on setting it up.


2. Smart TV's no longer supported 

 Unfortunately Smart TV's are no longer as smart as they used to be. The technology is growing faster than the smart TV industry and a lot of TV's are out of date as are the apps that they support. This in turn leads to poor quality viewing and all round disappointment. As a result I would recommend that an independent set top box or Amazon Firestick be used instead. Its far cheaper than changing your TV and much easier to update. I apologise for the inconvenience.

4. Android Box? 

You can download all of the apps below using the methods below. 

5. Amazon Firestick? 

Install downloader and email me on

For the direct links to download the iptv apps.

6. Android phone or Tablet? 

You can download all of the apps below using the methods below. 

Apple phone or Ipad? 

You can use Iptv Smarters if you have the app (no longer available in the app store) or you can download 247 IPTV or Wesopro. Once you have the app message via the contacts tab and I will supply username and password. 


The easiest way to download all of the apps you need in one go is to use Filelinked. If you go to the browser on your android box and search for you can download the app directly from their front page. 


You can also download filelinked by entering any of the following url’s into the adddress bar of the browser (not search) 

Once you have filelinked please email me for the code

For Ultimate VOD please email for the app

For Iptv Smarters app (to use both of the above on one app) 

There are many ways to start using these service, please message me for further details via the contact tab or Free Trial Tab.




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