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Everything you need to get you online and watching in 10 minutes 


1. If you Have a Mag Box

Just send your mac address via the contact tab. You Mac address should look like this 00:1A:79..........or if you have TVIP 10:27.......... 


2. If You Have a Smart TV? 

This can depend on the make see below 

3. Samsung TV’s 

Smart Iptv App – send the mac address for the app provided by Smart Iptv via the contacts tab. 

Nanomid – Send the OTP (press the green button on the remote) and send the code via the contacts tab. 

Sony TV’s have an android operating system and can download any the usual app below. 


4. Android Box? 

You can download all of the apps below using the methods below. 

5. Amazon Firestick? 

Install downloader and download any of the apps below 

6. Android phone or Tablet? 

You can download all of the apps below using the methods below. 

Apple phone or Ipad? 

You can use Iptv Smarters if you have the app (no longer available in the app store) or you can download 247 IPTV or Wesopro. Once you have the app message via the contacts tab and I will supply username and password. 


The easiest way to download all of the apps you need in one go is to use Filelinked. If you go to the browser on your android box and search for you can download the app directly from their front page. 


You can also download filelinked by entering any of the following url’s into the adddress bar of the browser (not search) 

Once you have filelinked enter this code and download OUR apps, Beams Smarters and Ultimate VOD 


There are only the 2 apps in there. The Beams smarters is for the IPTV packages and the Ultimate VOD is as it says. Both of these apps require a username and password with you can obtain by messaging me via the contact tab or Free Trial tab. 


This is a free app provided by Amazon See full instructions of how to add to your stick in setup my device. 

For our Iptv please enter 

For Ultimate VOD please enter 

For Iptv Smarters app (to use both of the above on one app) 

There are many ways to start using these service, please message me for further details via the contact tab or Free Trial Tab.

Get your Free Iptv Trial

Please complete the form with as much detail as possible.



On the next page you will be asked for details of your device type or the app you are using.

These details are required to ensure that I setup the trial for your device novice correctly.

For Example 

If You have a Mag box or Smart STB (smart Tv's) please enter the Mac address starting 00:1A:79....

If You have a Smart TV and are using the Smart Iptv App also enter your app's MAC address (12 digit number separated by colons).

If you have an android box or Amazon Firestick please tick the correct box as the setup is slightly different for each.*

*For Android and Firestick you will need to install and app.

Our service is available on most platforms, the most popular are detailed above. If you have a different app or Device Please enter a detailed message in the box provided.

Please NOTE that VLC Player, Enigma or ZGemma are not supported.


Please follow the guidelines and you will be watching in no time. 




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