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What devices support IPTV?

IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) is designed to be watched on your home television set. However, with todays modern technolgy you can use a multitude of devices to watch anywhere. Television (obviously) Tablet Mobile phone. app or webplayer Webplayer on you phone, tablet, PC or mac. Please contact us via the contacts tab for full details for your individual circumstances.

How long does the free Trials last for for?

The Free trial for the IPTV service lasts for 24 hours from the moment it is added to our system. It does jot start from the time you first connect to it. The Free trial for the Ultimate VOD lasts for 5 hours from the moment it is added to our system. Again it does not start from the first time you connect to it. Before asking for this particulare trial please make sure that that you have that time available to relax and watch a movie or explore the thousands of movies and TV series available.

How long are the subscriptions?

Subscriptions come in 1 month, 3 month, 6 month and 12 month packages. These can be extended at any time with the new paid period just added to the end of the existing so no paid time is lost. There is also a 48 hour paid trial available for the Ultimate VOD.

What is Multiroom?

Multi Line packages are available for 1 connection, 2 connections and up to 4 connections. Choices and prices are available at Checkout. These options work particularly well for streaming lines, 'username and password' For example you could have one for each TV at home, one for the phone and one for the tablet to take on holiday. All using the same username and password. If all are used at the same time they need to be in the same place, ie at home using the same IP address. Different channels on different devices at the same time all under one susbscription. For regular travellers it advised to take out an individual line to avoid any connection problems. Multiple connections will not work for MAG devices as they require their own individual address setup. They do however work with traditional STB Emu whereby the mac address can be changed. The provide a very cost effective way to provide TV for the whole family thoughout the house.

Easy Setup?

Setup instructions are provided in our separate section. While we appreciate this not exhaustive as apps and devices are forever being updated and upgraded. If you can't find the answer there please do not hesitate to message via the contact us tab.

How do I get IPTV?

In order to be able to watch IPTV you will need a dedicated device or application. You can view IPTV on any of the following:- Smart TV using Smart IPTV app or Smart STB app (both of these apps are susbscriptiption via the Smart TV and totally indpendent of our service). Non Smart TV using an android device with a dedicated app installed. A Mag box attached to your televsion via HDMI cable. Amazon Firestick or Fire TV box or cube. Formuler or TVIP box attached to your TV via HDMI cable. Iphone, Android phone, Tablet IOS or android. PC using webplayer or PC or Mac app. If you have any further further questions please ask.


IPTV is dependent on the efficiency of the provider. The provider is reliant on the efficiency of its channel supplier. It is far from perfect as there are so many links in the chain. In general IPTV is a very good solution for people that cannot, either afford or want to pay huge cable or Satellite bills for a service with less content and similar reliabilty issues. Any provider who professes 100% uptime is simply not telling you the truth. Servers have to be rebooted and maintained which undoubtedly has an impact on the end user. We do our best to do this sort of work at 'off peak' times to cause as least disruption as possibe.


We only use a Secure Merchant Payment provider, SumUp. It is secure for both you the customer, and us the supplier. You can pay online using the secure link to the payment provider at checkout. You can also use you debit/credit card at the Secure checkout. By special request we can send you an invoice. Generally this is done for non-standard requests, ie packages that are not listed by can be put together at a mutally agreed price. Please note that no packages will be activated until payment is received and cleared. All payments are in euros. Under certain cirmustances and by request only we can accept payment via Revolut card, or Bank transfer (details supplied on request)

Returns and Refunds?

This is a digitally assigned product. No subscriptions are added until a trial has been viewed and is acceptable to the customer. Once the subscription is assigned to a customer we are unable to change or edit or remove the subscription. Please make absolutely sure before you subscribe. No returns can be made and no refunds given.

Do I need a VPN?

To view our service anywhere in the world, a VPN is NOT required. The service is not Geo-blocked anywhere. A VPN is a personal choice for people wishing to diguise their location. It throttles the bandwith and reduces the internet speed.




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