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UK Expat TV

Get Your Free 48 hour Premium Iptv Trial

Please watch our short introductory video

The video is a pictorial representation of what you can expect from a subscription with UK Expat TV.

Visit the pricing section to select your package.

Visit the device setup instructions to configure your device. If you need any further help please use the contact tab.

Subscriptions can be extended at anytime without losing any days from the original. 

Contact us for deals available on multiple devices.

48 hour Free Trial UK Expat TV

Test drive our IPTV packages for 48 hours for Free, watch you favourite television programmes, movies, TV box sets. All from the comfort of your own armchair wherever you may be in the world. I deal for Expats, Business Travellers and holiday makers alike.  Available in 1 month, 3 month, 6 month and 12 month packages. Please email with device/app type and Mac address if applicable. Activation within 4 hours.

Family watcing football on TV

About our Premium Iptv Experience


Our Premium VIP Experience has everything you will want from your viewing needs. All of you favourite home television. Live TV, Live Sport, Over 250,000 movies and TV Series. 


This package includes channels from the UK, Ireland, USA, France, Italy, Netherlands and Germany, so you’ll never be lost for something to watch and sports fans can watch every sporting event across the globe.


With many channels in HD, you are also assured of a superb picture quality, bringing all the action direct to your living room! Plus this package offers 14 day catch-up, so you don’t have to worry about missing you’re favourite TV programme. 


All are available under one roof. No paying for TV and then a separate VOD Service. Here you have it all together.


Viewing is available on the following devices:-


1. Mag Box. You will need a genuine Infomir set top box manufactured in Europe.


2. Smart STB app which is available on most Smart TV's.


3. STB EMU Pro, available google playstore.


2. Smart TV. Ministra app (payable separately on your TV) we will provide username and password.


3. Android Box or Firestick, STB Emu Pro, preconfigured app available (easy to download and setup).


4. Iphone, Ipad. You will need The Ministra Player or Stalker TV App from the App Store (payable via the App Store.


This is a subscription service which is payable month on month. Free 48hour Trial available.


Whilst no Iptv service can realistically guarantee 100% uptime, this is about as close as it gets. Provided you have a decent internet connection of at least 20mbps you will be able to enjoy without any buffering or loss of service.