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APK Download links for any android device.

You will soon be watching UK Expat TV for your favourite TV, Movies, Sports


For android boxes  you can download in various ways. There are dedicated apps such as Aptoide, APK pure and also the google playstore where you can download some generic applications such as STB emu Pro, Smart STB and Iptv Smarters Pro.


All of the above require you to contact and Iptv provider such as ourselves to provide you with the necessary links to connect you device/app to the services.


We have developed some of our own pre-configured apps, links to which will be supplied on request. Each will work with the username and password supplied by ourselves. These applications can be used on various devices and can all be connected using our multi room package.

To give you and example a family has 4 tv’s one in the lounge, one in the kitchen, one in the bedroom and one in the ‘kids’ room. Provided you have four devices one attached to each TV you can subscribe to the multiroom and all devices can be connected at the same time all watching different channels. Each device uses the same username and password.

The easiest way to install the applications is by using our file linked codes. Codes provided on request and will be tailored to meet your needs, device type, locations etc.

Non Pre-configured STB Emu Fiddly to set up, message for instructions.


Sometimes the username and passwords can be a little confusing especially with O,o,0,l,i,1 Please use the following to phonectically translate for you.


Webplayer URL available on request

Enter this into the address bar on any phone, laptop, PC or tablet to watch.


Fileinked is a simply way to download numerous apps simply download that app (see setup your device for instructions)

Message for the filelinked code  for the super highway to one or more of our apps.




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